US orders millions of doses of monkeypox vaccine

US orders about 13 million doses of monkeypox vaccine from Danish company


The US has ordered millions of doses of monkeypox vaccine from Danish pharmaceutical company Bavarian Nordic. It is reported by Newsweek.

The decision was made after a case of infection of a man in Massachusetts. The federal government has entered into an agreement to purchase Jynneos' vaccine worth $119 million. In total, the government plans to purchase 13 million vaccines from the firm, worth $299 million.

The company said initial shipments of the Jynneos vaccine would not come until 2023, noting that all 13 million doses are expected to be ready sometime between 2024 and 2025.

Previously, the first cases of monkeypox infection were detected in Australia and Canada among tourists who returned home from overseas trips. So, in the Australian province of New South Wales, a probable case of smallpox was detected in a recently returned traveler from Europe. The first two cases of monkeypox were also confirmed in Quebec.

Also, the first cases of infection with monkeypox were recorded in the UK, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and in several other countries.

This monkeypox is similar to smallpox, which was officially declared eradicated in 1980. Most infected people recover within a few weeks, but sometimes complications can be fatal. In Nigeria, an outbreak of monkeypox occurred for the first time in 2017.


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