Transit through the Nord Stream may fall by 22%

Nord Stream AG: gas transit through the Nord Stream on Monday may fall by 22%


The transit of natural gas through the Nord Stream, Gazprom's main supply route to Europe, may decrease by 22% on Monday, RIA Novosti writes, citing data from the operator of the Nord Stream AG gas pipeline. Nominations for June 13 are about 4.7 million cubic meters per hour, or a little more than 113 million cubic meters per day, while the day before the volume of transit through the pipeline was 145 million.

At the same time, the volume of supplies through the gas transportation system of Ukraine may remain at the level of previous days. The application for transit through GIS "Sudzha" on June 13 is 41.9 million cubic meters. Similar daily values have been maintained since the end of May. At the same time, deliveries via GIS "Sokhranovka" are not conducted, since the Ukrainian side rejects them.

Earlier, Sergey Kolobanov, deputy head of the department of Economics of Fuel and Energy Industries of the CSR, said that Europe would be forced to wage a price war with Asia for liquefied natural gas, since there is little available fuel on the market. According to him, another problem for the EU is unpredictable weather, on which the volumes of LNG consumption depend. He added that the liquefied gas market operates mainly on medium- and long-term contracts, while short-term deals are preferable for the European Union.


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