Huawei S-Tag multifunctional smart sensor for health and sports is presented

The label is attached to the clothes and reads a lot of parameters


Huawei presented a whole series of new products for the international market in Milan today. In addition to the Huawei Mate Xs 2 folding smartphone with an encircling screen, Huawei Band 7 fitness bracelet, Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro smartwatch, Huawei Watch D with a tonometer and Watch Fit 2 bracelet with a huge screen for its class, the Huawei S-Tag fitness sensor was also presented.

Huawei S-Tag multifunctional smart sensor for health and sports is presented
The company positions Huawei S-Tag as a compact and multifunctional smart tag. Unlike the Apple AirTag and Samsung Galaxy SmartTag wireless tags, it is designed for other tasks and offers noticeably wider functionality.

Huawei S-Tag will help to monitor the state of the user's body and the effectiveness of training, improve running performance, and also reduce the likelihood of injuries while running. Due to its compactness and weight of 7.5 grams (without clip), the sensor can be worn during training. It consists of two parts that are easily disconnected.

Huawei S-Tag is equipped with 9-axis sensors capable of monitoring running technique by reading the movements of the user's foot and waist. As the manufacturer promises, the sensor analyzes 13 parameters, helping to achieve the perfect running technique. By collecting data during a workout, the device offers users professional recommendations based on joint research by Huawei and the China Institute of Sports Science.

Huawei S-Tag connects to a smartphone via the Huawei Health app, as well as to a smartwatch via Bluetooth. In addition to running, the sensor supports cycling workouts by reading the pedal speed, speed and distance traveled. In addition, the manufacturer promises safe immersion in water to a depth of 50 meters.


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