The formula of the perfect breakfast is named The nutritionist told me what to eat in the morning.

The first meal of the day should include protein and fat products.


Start your breakfast with simple carbohydrates and in an hour you will want the same simple carbohydrates again. The formula of the most healthy breakfast is protein—fat breakfasts. They will saturate you for four to five hours. Proteins are eggs, fish, chicken, meat. Fats — avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, ghee ghee, nuts, seeds, olives. If you add fresh or cooked vegetables to them — great. A little fermented vegetables is generally ideal.

She also advised to consume long carbohydrates contained, for example, in baked sweet potatoes, pumpkin or buckwheat.

Such a diet helps to prolong satiety, and at the same time reduce evening snacks.

In addition, the healthy fats obtained during breakfast contribute to the work of the gastrointestinal tract, help in the absorption of vitamins and reduce cravings for sweets, the expert added.

It can be fried eggs with vegetables, avocados, nuts. Or chicken cutlets with fresh salad, generously seasoned with olive oil, berries. Any fish with avocado on wholegrain toast will do. You can choose whole grain porridge with melted butter, seeds, nuts and berries.


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