The Chinese showed the fastest drone in the world

It accelerates to 3700 km/h and can destroy fighters.


The novelty was named Wuzhen-8, for short — WZ-8. The Chinese military showed this hypersonic combat unmanned aerial vehicle at an air show in the city of Changdong, Gadget Tendency writes.

The development of a drone for reconnaissance and destruction of enemy equipment has been carried out for several years, but so far the Chinese have not reported any practical application of the novelty. As can be seen in the photo above, the prototype WZ-8 has dimensions comparable to a small fighter, one fixed wing and a retractable landing gear. Two jet engine nozzles are also visible from behind.

According to the developers, the drone can reach speeds of over Mach 3 (about 3,700 km /h, depending on altitude) and outpace most air defense missiles. If necessary, the drone can turn into a kamikaze missile to destroy fighters or ships.

The claimed range of the drone is more than 8000 km. In the front of the hull, analysts noticed two protrusions, probably for transporting the WZ-8 with the help of the H-6N strategic bomber.


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