The network showed a "Big Bird": a supersonic airliner for 500 people with a thermonuclear engine

The incredible plane surprises everyone: characteristics, appearance and the very idea of its existence.


The concept of the high-speed aircraft of the future belongs to the Spanish designer Oscar Vinals. The model resembling a fancy spaceship was named HSP Magnavem. Translated from Latin, it means "Big bird", writes The Sun.

According to the author's idea, the massive airliner will be able to develop supersonic speeds — up to 1,852 km/h. The flight from London to New York on it will take only three hours. A miniature thermonuclear reactor capable of generating a large amount of electricity without harming the environment will help him in this.

As you can see in the pictures, HSP Magnavem has an unusual shape that resembles the wings of a bird. There are two floors inside it: a business class with private recreation areas and spas is located at the top, a regular one is located at the bottom. In total, up to 500 people will be able to comfortably accommodate on board the aircraft.

Scroll through the gallery with the "Big Bird" in all angles. Photo: Oscar Viñals / The Sun
"Big Bird" will fly at an altitude of 15,400 m. Its dimensions are truly colossal: a 70-meter airliner weighs 590,000 kg. At the same time, the control is quite simple — all thanks to an artificial intelligence system with a special lidar for detecting turbulence zones.

Oscar Vinals says that the concept of the aircraft was born from a mixture of developments already existing in reality and theoretical technologies of the future. According to him, HSP Magnavem would help move the world into the golden age of supersonic travel.


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