The Japanese have discovered a way to calm any crying baby

To do this, they conducted experiments with 22 children under the age of six months.
Scientists have found out how to rock a baby to sleep. An article about this is published in Current Biology.


Young children can scream for a variety of reasons, which are not always associated with real suffering and discomfort. At the same time, crying can prevent adults from sleeping, as well as distract others from important things. It often helps to take the child in your arms, but it is not known what exactly the reaction of falling asleep depends on.

Specialists of the Brain Research Center of the RIKEN Institute (Japan) tried to find a universal motion sickness technique. To do this, they conducted experiments with 22 children under the age of six months. Their mothers were asked to perform a series of identical actions: "Go-hold", when the mother held the baby in her arms and walked; "Sit-hold" — the mother held the baby and sat; "Crib" — the baby was put in the crib; and "Movement in the crib", when the baby was placed either in a mobile crib, or in the stroller and rocked back and forth. The procedure lasted from five minutes to half an hour, the progress of these tasks was carefully monitored, the infants' reactions were recorded on video and ECG readings were taken.

It turned out that the most profitable strategy is walking with a child in your arms and then sitting with him for about 5-8 minutes. After a 5-minute walk, 5 out of 11 babies (45.5 percent) fell asleep, and none of them cried by the end of the task, and two more children (18.2 percent) fell asleep within a minute after the mothers sat with them in their arms.

Scientists believe that in the first 8 minutes of sleep, children have a low threshold of arousal, and therefore they wake up easily. After this period, they can be put in a crib. By itself, calming is associated with the so-called transport reactions when walking with a child: if you just sit with a baby, it does not activate.



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