American scientists have found the optimal meal time for weight loss

Eating at a later time leads to an increased feeling of hunger.


To find out, scientists conducted an experiment on 16 overweight volunteers. They were offered to eat the same dishes, but were divided into groups. One group ate at the beginning of the day, and the other — after 4 hours. So, the volunteers from the first sample ate at nine o'clock in the morning, at one o'clock in the afternoon and at five in the evening, and from the second — at one o'clock in the afternoon, five and nine in the evening.

In addition, the participants were asked to note when they are hungry or when they have an appetite. To objectively monitor their condition, blood tests, adipose tissue samples were taken from people, body temperature and energy consumption were measured.

It turned out that a later meal more than doubled the likelihood of hunger due to a decrease in the hormone leptin, responsible for satiety.

However, medical studies have shown that participants from the second group had a more pronounced increase in fat, as well as slower calorie burning, about 60 calories less.

Thus, to combat hunger, it is necessary to eat at an earlier time of the day.


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