Why do we feel pain during sex: 22 reasons

And how to eliminate them. From intimacy, partners, as a rule, expect pleasant sensations.


As the song by Agatha Christie says: "Where there is pain, there is no place for love." However, expectations diverge from reality - and, as it turned out, quite often. What to do if during sex you feel discomfort and pain?

Pain during sex in women, due to a number of reasons, occurs much more often than in men.

Physical reasons
Before declaring that "it's all in your head," the doctor must rule out all possible medical reasons for the development of painful intercourse.

Among women
Urinary tract infections are accompanied by pain in the perineum and lower abdomen during sex, itching. BMI includes, for example, genital warts on the external genitalia, herpes, trichomoniasis, etc.;
mechanical damage to the genital organs, especially due to scarring;
ovarian cysts and tumors;
deprive the external genitalia;
lack of estrogen - in the postmenopausal period, due to the use of oral contraceptives or due to lactation in nursing mothers;
allergy to partner's sperm;
radiation treatment of a malignant tumor in the pelvis;
atrophy of the walls of the vagina;
Sjögren's syndrome is an autoimmune disorder that primarily affects the salivary and lacrimal glands;
dystrophic diseases of the vulva (dermatoses);
inflammation of the Bartholin glands (bartholinitis) located on the inner labia. It is these glands that are responsible for the release of lubrication, and the clogged channels make themselves felt with swelling and discomfort;
discrepancy between the size of the penis and vagina;
inflammation in the back, pelvis, muscles, tendons - or they can manifest as throbbing or spasmodic pain in the lower abdomen during sex.
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In men
Infections of the prostate, bladder, or seminal vesicles;
gonorrheal inflammation;
urethritis or prostatitis;
scarring due to inflammation or infection;
frenulum damage;
a disorder in the muscles of the pelvic floor can also be a cause during or after intercourse.
Also, pain during sex can be a sign of interstitial cystitis. The disease is characterized by discomfort and discomfort in the bladder during and after copulation - in men, the next day - in women.
Psychological reasons
Problems in the relationship of partners have a negative impact on sexual life. If a woman is not sufficiently aroused, her thoughts were occupied with extraneous things, or the foreplay was short-lived, there may not be enough lubrication, and sex will hurt.

Psychological difficulties during sex associated with fear of pregnancy, distrust of a partner and other reasons are usually called the common word "vaginismus". A sexologist or psychotherapist will help to understand this problem.

Many women are diagnosed with vulvodynia if pain during sex recurs for three months and the cause remains unknown. The doctor begins to look for a problem by exclusion, prescribes tests and examinations.

Do not neglect a visit to the gynecologist to avoid dangerous complications if the cause of the pain is medical. Infectious and fungal diseases must be treated, if necessary, remove the source of pain surgically.

If the problem is with a lack of estrogen, creams, suppositories and all kinds of lubricants will help. Whatever the reason behind the pain during sex, the main thing is not to put up with it!


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