The nutritionist called the product that contributes to weight gain the most

Nutritionist Orsmond called the main provoking obesity product.


Leading Irish nutritionist Eva Orsmond named the product that most contributes to weight gain. This is reported by The Irish Daily Mirror.

According to the expert, the most important harmful product that provokes serious weight gain is sweet carbonated drinks. “Sugary drinks are very high in calories, and they really make you gain weight,” says Orsmond.

She added that children are at particular risk, many of whom drink soda every day. The nutritionist recalled that obesity is directly related to high blood pressure, the development of diabetes and the appearance of pain, due to which many are forced to regularly take painkillers.

At the same time, Orsmond said that fast food, if you eat it no more than once a week, is not as dangerous as it seems to some advocates of a healthy lifestyle. However, the specialist clarified that you can safely afford to eat fast food once a week, provided that everything else in the diet is healthy, and the body does not receive excess harmful calories from other sources.


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